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$1-2NLHE, HU: I love these hands… simply know Villain tanks then calls.

August 24 2011 ,
by Matthew J-B

$1-2 No-Limit Hold’em Heads-Up Cash
$605.90 Pot
Villain: from Russia

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I 3-bet KK from the BB to $20 and am called. We are sitting on effective stacks of $303.20 at the start of the hand. The flop comes (5 5 2) and I C-bet $22.50, he thinks then calls. I pretty much knew at this point his hand was a medium pocket pair that he didn’t wish to 4-bet pre-flop and risk having to possibly fold as it had value calling my 3-bet pre-flop. At this stage I just hope the board runs out good for me and hopefully he will think himself into committing more of his stack thinking I’m pushing a bluff. The turn comes a 6 and I bet again $51.50 into $85, he thinks again then calls. The flop had two clubs so I guess he was thinking I’m double-barrelling a club draw. The river comes a perfect 5 giving us both full-houses so I ship $209.20 into £188. He tanks but I just know he is calling, he’s talked himself into coming this far and if he thinks I have clubs then he thinks I am now just representing a big pair. He does call and shows 77. I love these spots where they think I’m triple-barrel bluffing and I can get three streets of value and in this case a $605.90 pot!

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