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An Archived Paragraph to a Poker Story (2007)

December 31 2011 ,
by Matthew J-B

I sat there motionless, concentrating solely on breathing shallow so as not to flair my nostrils. I forgot to keep my mouth cracked open in the impulse so now have to be aware of the tell surrounding my nose, I am too scared to change now. I have my head tilted slightly down and fixed dead centre but my eyes are forced as far right as I can get them… I need to see my opponent who is now staring straight at me in anguish – he doesn’t know this of course, my sunglasses covering my eyes perfectly for occasions like this. My usual pose would be to cover my cards with my left hand and continue to play with my chips with my right, at the same steady pace, counting the beats at which I rifle through the chips… only this time is different… all of my chips are in the middle! I have the urge to slightly fidget but have to hold back. I know he has a hand, but I’ve put this guy on a fold – and I’ve told myself it’s these marginal decisions that make you a real winner…


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