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Thoughts on 50NL Challenge 20K Hands in…

November 18 2013 ,
by Matthew J-B

My second 10K hands were a bit disappointing as I lost EV over almost 5K hands at 6-Max. I believe this to be my own fault.

One of the things I have noticed with my 6-Max game is that people perceive me to be very loose (which I am and is one of the points of the challenge), in fact the general thoughts are that I’m too loose, i.e. they would never play like that, and I often get comments in the chat box of this nature. The point is that with 6-Max, image and the dynamics this creates are a big factor in decision making and need to be added to your strategy. I obviously try to make the best decision at any given moment but early on in a session I am not overly fussed if things go wrong and I am perceived to be losing. I feel the way I can take advantage of this more than compensates the ‘spew’ and makes the whole game plan +EV. I guess this is what being a LAG is all about…

So why did I lose EV at 6-Max during this second 10K hands? Well, above all else my concentration was not good enough: I played when tired; I played while a friend sweat me and attempted to talk though my actions (in the early hours of the night I really wasn’t with it and this hindered me); and I quit at the wrong times. This last point may be surprising but taking maximum advantage of the image you have built within the dynamics of the game is so important to the big picture… it is the difference between being this canoeist or the shark!

[I first chose this picture with me in mind as the canoeist and to remind me to stay on track as the sharks (and in fact my own demons) are never too far behind, but now see the alternate meaning mentioned that 'staying on track' means being the shark!]

I am very much looking forward to continuing with my challenge as I am yet to play any significant volume of my most enjoyable game, the 6-Max Deep-Ante so I can target this soon!

Good luck at the tables! #runlikekiddo

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