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Thoughts on my 50NL Challenge 30K Hands in…

December 30 2013 ,
by Matthew J-B

Ok. After a fairly disappointing second 10K hands I took some time to review my game. As you may be aware one of the points of the challenge is to play a LAG style to learn a better understanding of the game by getting myself in all sorts of laggy spots which make you THINK. I’m obviously going to make mistakes along the way, some of which came to light during that second 10K hands, so the purpose of ‘reviewing my game’ at this point was to look at all the laggy things that seem to have a positive impact overall and to highlight these to relentlessly take advantage of them, and also to see which areas cross the line into spewing it away again and obviously cut these out, or more importantly assess the overall strategy to think of new lines to take with these to actually increase the value in my ranges in these spots.

However, to remain balanced is always key.

Another side of my game I thought a lot about was things like day/time of day/game selection. During this third period of the challenge I played at good peak times and only opened a maximum of four tables to reserve my concentration for the quality of my game. This I feel is so important to continue to do so going forward.


My results in this third 10K hands are excellent. My nananoko-esk graph is borderline erotic! Ha. The hands were pretty evenly spread between 6-Max Deep-Ante, Zoom and Heads-Up, as were the win rates. In Zoom I felt I particularly did well in so completed the 10K quota for this variant and look forward to playing this again once I complete my challenge. For now though I have the Deep-Ante quota to finish, then to focus on Heads-Up and Head-Up Zoom…

Play good. Run good.

Good luck at the tables! #runlikekiddo

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