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Thoughts on my 50NL Challenge 40K Hands in…

February 17 2014 ,
by Matthew J-B

Ok, not quite this…

But more like this…


Actually, my graph is ok really, and the final results of this 10K period are very good also, but I have a feeling of not achieving during this period all due to one session where I tilted off $400 in EV! Looking back at the graph it clearly happens between about 3,000-4,500 hands. So 1,500 of pure hindrance when it comes to analysing my play during this challenge, the point of which is to improve. Even up to now my biggest losing session in terms of EV is not much more than $100 so roughly 200bb’s so this tilt session stands alone (and lets hope it continues to stand alone!). Why did it happen? Well I ran dreadfully, but really I think I can put it down to getting used to playing Heads-Up again, the majority of my play during this period has been Heads-Up (mainly Heads-Up Zoom) and at this time I was doing too much playing a couple of the Zoom variant tables and a couple of regular Heads-Up tables and wasn’t giving any one table my full concentration. I struggle to get regular Heads-Up action so the players that tend to sit down are on the better side and all this hit-n-run business I keep experiencing is very tilting anyway but it all culminated in me losing 300bb’s in one pot in Heads-Up Zoom where I played the hand appallingly (I pride myself on playing Deep so I am particularly annoyed about this), but hey-ho. I should still be proud of my big climb out of that hole (helped somewhat by finding some juicy fishes in the 6-Max Deep-Ante games) and finishing the period with another decent score!

Here’s to the final push!

Good luck at the tables! #runlikekiddo

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