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$1-2NLHE, HU: Cooler!!! But maybe could fold??

August 19 2011 ,
by Matthew J-B

$1-2 No-Limit Hold’em Heads-Up Cash
$472.50 Pot
Villain: from UK

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I raise to $5 with 99 and am called. The flop comes down (Q 6 Q) and it goes check-check. I really should have bet here as I gained no information but I guess I had deception on my side as this opponent lead out on almost every turn if I checked the flop. The turn came an 8 and he fired $7.50 which I called. When the river came a 9 I assumed I had him but still was none the wiser to what he had. I had previously been a bit timid to bluff this opponent as he was calling river bets pretty light so I was well prepared to pot it here. He fired again for $16.90 and I do pot it for $75.20 just hoping he would call with something. He thought about it then shoved… so it was $148.80 for me to call with the pot at $324.20. I say in my head “Q8 or JdTd” (while shaking it!), call and he shows Q8. I titled this post ‘Cooler!!! But maybe could fold??’ as I thought there just wasn’t any bluffs in his range, but since writing this I don’t think I can fold, I’ve got 9′s-full and he could have had 6′s or 8′s-full.

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