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December 31 2016 ,
by Matthew J-B

Cancer. The word is particularly thought provoking, and especially when used in association with family.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, I mean, I usually do but my dad is currently recovering from surgery he had to remove his cancerous prostate and it certainly ups your thinking game. His surgery has thankfully proved a success; the cancer has gone from an aggressive nine to a completely removed zero. Fantastic news where that is concerned, especially considering the alternative outcomes, but there was also a sucker punch when the surgeon asked to see me to explain that because of what my dad went through my chances of going through the same have gone up to 80%. Lovely.

Stop wasting time!

Ok, so I’d like to start writing an article every month on here, they will be random thought provoking topics and hopefully I will enjoy getting some things written down. I want to learn about the things I want and who I want to be with the idea that somewhere along the way that clarity will lead to a higher happiness and fulfilment.

Find inspiration. Get motivated. Be your passion.

Start living!

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