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April 1 2017 ,
by Matthew J-B

So I want to think about goal setting. Goal setting to me is first, thinking forward and having a vision of achieving this goal at a certain point in the future and second, breaking it down and working all the way back to the present so you can see a clear path of what it will take and what being on course looks like along the way.

I think we don’t achieve enough goals in life. We don’t push ourselves and achieve enough successes in my opinion. And I think the reason for this is because we have many, many other conflicting goals and we don’t make the right decisions to enable our most defining goals to shine through.

Pick someone at the top of their game, say a sportsman who is considered the best in the world in their field and they will have most certainly made sacrifices along the way. They will have made good decisions to enable defining who they are to shine through, and no doubt some of these decisions will have been very hard. The people that remain in their life will have been chosen, their support and understanding no doubt will have played a part in this. But there will have been many others shut out, ignored, sacrificed. If you want to be the best in the world you will have to hurt people.

It comes down to understanding that you have a very complex tree of goals and then learning to make decisions within that tree which will give the right attention to the right goals at the right time. Understanding that some goals need to be sacrificed to make way for more important goals, and some of those sacrificed goals are the people in our lives.

I can appreciate it’s not always clear what is for the best. The sportsman who is the best in the world, their tree of goals could be quite simple to follow, no doubt there would be a huge defining goal and almost ignore all else. Their decision making would be clear. For the rest of us though there could be many goals on a level but a lack of direction and a lack of good decision making will lead to us not achieving what we want from life. In my opinion goal setting is vital to achieving success and happiness.

‘Do it like your life depends on it… and you know what? It does! It’s YOUR life!’
- Bill Perkins (on Joe Ingram’s Poker Life Podcast)

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