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Hand Replayer (via

When posting on a specific hand I include a link to replay the hand as it actually happened. This link opens up a new tab and directs to a website called, the largest and most well-known poker forum online. This I set up using the hand history text from my HoldemManager (HEM) tracking software which then converts into the replayer for the user to enjoy.

The link will appear in the post as so:

Once the link is clicked and the new tab opens the page, the user should click ‘REPLAY’:

When the screen changes to the replayer it is recommended to right-click the table and select ‘Show Full Screen’. From there the user should also slow the speed down to its minimum, and enjoy the action!

[For those of you not familiar with poker terminology, the alias ‘Hero’ refers to myself and the alias ‘Villain’ in my posts refers to my opponent in question on any particular hand.]

Please then leave your comments on any of your thoughts and observations!

Thank you, Matthew J-B.

Good luck at the tables!

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