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$1-2NLHE, 6-Max: $300 session loss feels like win!

August 26 2011 ,
by Matthew J-B

This session was pretty sick. Not long after I started I found myself about $1,000 down, mainly from these four hands which happened in quick succession:

1. $497 Pot
4-bet habitual 3-bettor in blind-on-blind with 33 (not sure about this!)
I elect to 4-bet-call with just 33 from the SB v BB who just kept 3-betting me. I expected a fold or shove but he calls and I flop set-under-set. Not sure if he was only set-mining. I still think there is little value to 4-betting small pocket pairs and don’t really know why I chose this line, but no matter how I played it this time I would’ve still gone broke.

2. $514.90 Pot
So unsatisfying to get called by a bigger draw… in hindsight I could’ve played this different.
I call pre-flop then call a squeeze from the BB holding Ts9s and flop the world really, it comes (Q J 4) two spades. He C-bets and I think then chose to just shove which was a big overbet. He tanks then calls with just a Ks8s flush draw, not getting the right price, but King-high holds. To win this pot I could’ve called the flop then shoved the turn which I considered at the time, or I could’ve played it passively and only raise if I hit as I wasn’t sure what I was getting him to fold by moving in. To be honest I was actually worried that this opponent would call with just AK, but I put him to the test and failed I guess.

3. $400 Pot
Horribly played non-nut draw…
I hate the way I played this. I think I was a bit stunned from losing two big pots early in my session so I pushed my luck here. It is so just a call on the flop imo, and once he 3-bets it on the flop I think there it is a fold. I simply have no fold equity by moving in and he could well have me strangled with the nut-flush draw. Lesson learnt.

4. $369.80 Pot
When you’re running bad, even fish win.
This opponent was a donkey. He was doing stupid little 3-bets holding rags at times, which was fine by me. I raise to $5 from the button with JT and he (as he had been routinely) made it $10, I have to call and flop top-two. He bets $10, I raise to $49, he calls and I think I’m so good here, like I’ve seen him have 82 in this spot, I’m moving in on the turn as long as it’s not a club. The turn is a blank Ace, I do move in and he calls with KQ for the straight.

So, even if I did show a little tilt in these hands, from this point on I’m proud of myself. I re-grouped, went to work and ended the session only $300 down. The best bit is I’m not too sure how I won it back, there were biggish pots but mostly I just grinded a $700 upswing which I’m quite impressed with. There were two strange hands that I will post individually so watch out for these. Here’s to feeling good and thinking clearly! Roll on next session!

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