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$1-2NLHE, 6-Max Deep-Ante: Sick $1,167.40 Pot!

August 31 2011 ,
by Matthew J-B

$1-2 No-Limit Hold’em 6-Max Deep-Ante Cash
$1,167.40 Pot
Villain: from ?

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Wow! This hand is siiiick! I’m playing a Deep-Ante $1-2 game as I liked the opponents and liked my seat in relation to the opponents. I sat with $500 and before this hand started I had ran this up to $700.35. The villain in this hand started the hand with $580.80. The action comes round and is opened by the cutoff to $5 and the villain makes it $8 on the button. I am in the SB with AA. The villain is a fish and is the reason I’m sitting in this seat. We are sitting so deep that I didn’t want to make a standard 3-bet (actually 4-bet with the button already making a click-3-bet) and have both call and get in trouble OOP, I really only want the button to call for a big raise. Anyway, with the button already 3-bet I figure he will have a playable hand and you know fish they can’t fold so I opt to make my raise look like a mistake… I make it $222! I hoped this would look like I’ve leant on my keyboard or perhaps meant to only do $22. The original opener folds and the button does call… BINGO!!! The board comes down (K Q 9) which was pretty ugly really but with the pot at $453.40 and my opponents stack at $358.50 I just ship, I thought at the time that this would look like a rush of blood to make up for my ‘mistake’. The button calls and shows KQ!!! It made me smile to think it really is THAT easy to get a fish to call ANY raise size pre-flop and said to myself “please bring me some justice…”. Ha, the turn comes a 2 and the river comes a 2 making my Aces-Up a bigger two-pair!!! My Hold’em Manager shows I got my money in with only 27.1% equity so says I dogged the hand by $831.58 (meaning I got lucky and owe lady luck that $831.58 back in the long run) but I don’t feel this is the case. This is where ‘All-In EV’ doesn’t always show the real picture… try calling a cold 4-bet with KQo for 37% of your stack and see if that’s +EV… I feel I deserved my luck in this spot!

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