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$1-2NLHE, HU: Annoying cooler…

September 1 2011 ,
by Matthew J-B

$1-2 No-Limit Hold’em Heads-Up Cash
$840.30 Pot
Villain: from China

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So this was a very frustrating cooler as I later felt there was no need to gamble with this opponent. First thing to say is that I destroyed this guy heads-up. I pretty much got value from my hands whenever I wanted to and felt very much at ease. He eventually tilted, the turning point was when we got it in on a (9 2 9) board where I had 77 and he had 44. He then went on a spree of trying to double up anything marginal. I called a ship with AJ v his A5 and it held, then he 6-bet me all-in with KQo and I had AA so another $200 to me. He then called an all-in with KQo v my TT and this time he doubled through. At this point his tilt calmed down, I distictly noticed it but this hand came up soon after and I didn’t adjust which is very annoying. I’m on the button with AK and make it my standard $5, he 3-bets to $18. His stack size at the start of the hand was $420.40 and I had him covered with $704.20. I 4-bet to $43 but do this really without thinking which is the bit I’m annoyed with, he had definately adjusted and didn’t now seem likely to get it in marginally anymore now that he had 200+BB’s. I noticed it like I said but somehow it didn’t register and I went ahead and played this hand all out pre-flop. He 5-bet me to $124 and I just insta-shipped… he snapped it off with AA and I’m a big dog in a $840.30 pot. The Aces hold, he gets even and instantly leaves the table. I guess AK heads-up is a monster and if we still had effective stacks of 100BB’s then I wouldn’t beat myself up about it but once we were deeper there was no need for me to gamble with this guy all-in pre-flop with AK. It turns out he had AA so that’s obviously a terrible spot for me but that aside, if he has QQ or JJ or even 77 or something then I’m flipping which I think is good news for him and bad for me. I think I would have been wise to see a flop for $18 and play the hand from there. I could’ve continued to extract value from this opponent, especially with him still stuck $400-odd. I guess the good news though at the end of the day is that I was in a $840.30 pot gambling with his money.

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