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$1-2NLHE, 6-Max: Soooo close to big river call with AK-high…??

September 2 2011 ,
by Matthew J-B

$1-2 No-Limit Hold’em 6-Max Cash
$266 Pot
Villain: from Iceland

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So, my notes on the villain read something along the lines of ‘exciting to play against, not affraid to bet big bluffs in big pots’, he’s a losing recreational player. Before this hand started I had $731.65 and the villain had $357.05. I open to $5 from the cutoff with AcKc and the villain 3-bet from the button to $16, it’s then folded round and back to me. Now, the villain’s 3-bet % is 24.4 which is extremely high and considering it’s from the button he doesn’t have it a high percentage of the time. I am soooo good here, like he’s definately going to at least call my 4-bet. One of my big reasons for 4-betting here (apart from the obvious big hand) is that I want to play a big pot and I want him to bluff the lot. I 4-bet to $51 and he calls. If I were to pair up on the flop here I intended to check-call all-the-way. Anyway, the flop comes (Jc 8c 4h). I now have a huge hand against his range. The pot is $105 and he has $306.05 behind. Now, I could play this in so many ways here but I opt to check and think seen as I still have no pair I’ll just let him bluff one time and check-raise all-in. This is where the plan doesn’t work, he checks behind. The turn comes the 6h. I figure I still have the best hand but check again, he then fires $82. Again a decision, I could shove here but I think I get called pretty light by him and I don’t have the equity I did on the flop to check-raise all-in. I choose an ugly passive call and the river comes the 3h completing a heart flush but missing me completely. I absolutely know if I check he is shoving no matter what his cards are, I do check and he does shove $224.05 into $269. I do think here the plan was to let him bluff and here it is but I didn’t have too much time left in my bank and something says to fold. I think it was ultimately three things nagging at me which made me fold… 1. I was scared of him bluffing with the best hand, like pairing the 6 for example and… 2. He could well have bet the heart draw on the turn and got there, and… 3. The check on he flop was not like him, perhaps he did actually flop a monster this time? I’m not sure, I can tell you I was soooo close to calling with just AK-high and still regret it a little but hey. He wrote in the chat box “ty” which I dunno but I think that may mean he had it and was annoyed he didn’t get a call so tried to appear happy with a ‘bluff’. I should finish this post by saying that about 25 mins later he lost a $568.80 pot bluffing with Ace-high doubling a reg up. Ha.

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  1. 1debo1 permalink
    September 23, 2011

    thats super tough, would have been a sexy call!! Is he smart enough to put it in on the river with something like TP thinking its a value shove as you may call him really light thinking he’s spewy? If not then its gotta be either the made flush or a bluff. With your notes a call definately looks appealing. The fact that he stacked off bluffing soon after looks like postive tilt i.e. he thought he wasin the zone and could get this dude off aswell. A point to always remember when reading my feedback is that i’m still playing 10nl!!

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