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$1-2NLHE, 6-Max: Aces cracked day… but all is forgiven.

September 3 2011 ,
by Matthew J-B

1. $379.40 Pot
Aces cracked day… pt1: AA v 45 on a (6 7 9) board in a 4-bet pot.
Villain: from Finland

2. $298.70 Pot
Aces cracked day… pt2: AA v QT on a (Q 3 9) board in a squeezed 3-bet pot.
Villain: from Latvia

3. $703.10 Pot
… all is forgiven: AA v KK on a (8 T T 3) board in a 4-bet pot… I was positive he had KK when I shipped here.
Villain: from Finland

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