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The two blog creators battle it out in 30,000ft heads-up marathon!!!

September 30 2011 ,
by Matthew J-B

Players: Keith ‘Beans’ Marshall & Neil ‘Calcky’ Calcutt (Blog Creators)
Game of choice: Series of No-Limit Hold’em Heads-Up SNG’s
Location: 30,000ft up… Classified
Stakes: Classified
Date / Time: Classified
Game duration: Classified

Calcky 11-0 Beans


So, the anticipated ‘Creators Game’ ended in an eleven-nil crushing with Beans being destroyed by the unpredicability of Calcky! Not even the infamous Beans ‘Chip-Flick-and-Click’ trick could derail a clearly ‘in-the-zone’ Calcky whose superior heart-and-commitment transpired into a strong right-raising-arm to take each (and every) SNG challenge down!!!

I managed to grab a few words with the Calcks inbetween his increasingly busy schedule made ever worse by his ever increasing¬†array of talents and this is what he had to say…

“Beans can’t handle me!!! He can’t read the Calcks!!!”

And when pressed on the severity of the scoreline…

“I’m a bit good J”

Aparently he later beat Beans at mini-golf as well! lol

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  1. bluffboybeans permalink
    October 3, 2011

    Ha ha ha ha Oh really !!! I’ve been trying to think of a come back to this……but there really isn’t one is there !? Calcks potential is SCARY ! It’s harder than reading a HAYNES car manual……..Watch out JB your NEXT !!

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