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$1-2NLHE, 6-Max: Fish calls turn shove with no hand / no draw in $855.40 pot…

October 9 2011 ,
by Matthew J-B

$1-2 No-Limit Hold’em 6-Max Cash
$855.40 Pot
Villain: from UK

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So I start the hand with $426.20 having won a flip with AK v TT against a reg earlier in the session, which was handy as I was IP against a fish who had ran well and had me covered. I obviously want to be as deep as possible against a fish IP. Reg in CO opens to $6, the fish in SB calls and I squeeze to $26 holding AA. The reg folds and the fish calls. The flop came down (9 6 J) rainbow and he checks to me, I bet $42 into $58 wanting to build a pot. The fish check-raises to $94, so $52 more. I think I have reason to be a bit wary here as the fish could’ve out-flopped me and I have just the kind of hand to pay him off, however I did believe my hand to be good and opted for a call and to reassess the strength of my hand on the turn. The turn pairs the 6 on board also putting two hearts out there and he bets $120 into a now $246 pot. I love the turn card as I now have a strong two-pair, I only lose to a 6, 99 or JJ, and you know these fish, they have all sorts of other hands in their range. I just didn’t feel he was that strong at all. As the board had now become quite wet I shove for my remainding $306.20 which is $186.20 more for him to call. He calls pretty quickly holding As5s, so no hand / no draw and I have 100% equity in this now $855.40 pot! I’m not sure whether this was a hero call thinking I had something like QhTh and picked up more outs on the turn or just one of those fish calls whereby they get creative (and committed) putting in $240 so are not folding for $186.20 more. Who knows? But I know I love 100% equity x

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