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Targets for 2012

February 4 2012 ,
by Matthew J-B

Targets for 2012:

Hands = 1,000,000
Win Rate = 2 Big Blinds/100 Hands (~ $20,000)
VPPs = 250,000 (~ $16,000)

[FPPs = $12,000 / VIP Stellar = $1,200 / Milestone Cash = $2,600]

So I’m aiming for something like $36,000 for the year. PokerStars have changed the way they reward VPP’s: having previously used ‘Dealt Distribution’ they will be now adopting the ‘Contributed Distribution’. This then, of course, is estimating my VPP’s based on this new method in 2012, which turns out to be not so good for me. Before the turn of the year 1,000,000 hands would’ve netted me something like 400,000 VPP’s which would’ve equated in the region of $30,000 so it will be a bit of a hit to me but nonetheless I believe over the course of the year my target win rate of 2 big blinds / 100 hands is undershooting so I hope to beat this target and ‘top up’ my lost bonuses.

I think the best way to achieve 1,000,000 hands is to aim for 25,000 a week over 40 weeks, this then gives leeway for holidays or just being behind target etc. Ideally I would be 12-tabling but at the moment my setup only allows playing 8 tables comfortably, I did plan to spend 30 hours a week which playing only 8 tables pushes this to the limit but I’ll just have to get over it for now.

Game of choice: $0.5-1 No-Limit Hold-em 6-Max (fast)

Before Black Friday I was a reg $1-2 player on Full Tilt and since Black Friday I feel, in terms of softness, the $0.5-1 games on Stars replicate those $1-2 games I used to beat. In the $1-2 games on Stars I feel like I am playing players who have significant experience playing higher, anything up to $25-50 and this is something that, when I started to play on Stars, took me by surprise. It made me start to wonder if, post Black Friday, the $25-50 games became a lot tougher so a certain percentage of these players dropped to $10-20 and $5-10 and consequently the usual regs at these levels become flooded with $25-50 winning regs and so have to drop in stakes themselves. Before you know it, unless you are Randy Lew or Daniel Negreanu everyone is playing $1-2! Ha, perhaps that is a bit dramatic but there is some truth in players filtering down in stakes, after all, I have had to do it too…

So, for now, the target is to prove to myself I can consistently beat the $0.5-1 games well, over 1,000,000 hands. And I can’t wait to be a $1-2 player again!

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