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$0.5-1NLHE, 6-Max: January 2012

February 4 2012 ,
by Matthew J-B

Hands = 33,342

Profit = $1,494.40
Big Blinds/100 Hands (Profit) = 4.48

EV = $789.51
Big Blinds/100 Hands (EV) = 2.37

VPPs = 7,507.49
VPP/Hand = 0.225

My targets state I should be playing 100,000 hands a month so I was way short in January. I didn’t have the internet for two weeks and in addition had two weekends off for family commitments. I played when I could and in the end made sure I maintained my PlatiniumStar status on PokerStars. I’m not worried though, I am still only 8-tabling so when I start to 12-table later in the year my time will become better used, the hands will start clocking up faster and hopefully my profits will too!

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