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$0.5-1NLHE, 6-Max: February 2012

March 1 2012 ,
by Matthew J-B

Hands = 46,845

Profit = $1,347.74
Big Blinds/100 Hands (Profit) = 2.88

EV = $967.97
Big Blinds/100 Hands (EV) = 2.07

VPPs = 10,213.71
VPP/Hand = 0.218

It was a disappointing month really. My last seven sessions of the month were all –EV. I’m not happy with that at all. These combined equalled an EV loss of $-1,268.27. I still finished the month above the 2.00 bb/100 hands (EV) target but this target was designed for 100,000 hands per month. I’m managing to have the time for half of this at the moment and to be honest I expect 4.00+ bb/100 hands (EV) in the long term. I tilted off those seven –EV sessions with plenty of bad decisions so I need to concentrate on cutting this out from now on!

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