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$0.5-1NLHE, 6-Max: March 2012

April 2 2012 ,
by Matthew J-B

Hands = 41,454

Profit = $-(266.89)
Big Blinds/100 Hands (Profit) = -(0.64)

EV = $125.34
Big Blinds/100 Hands (EV) = 0.30

VPPs = 9,645.28
VPP/Hand = 0.236

Appalling month. The only good thing was that at least my EV remained a positive figure. I had three sessions of $-500+ EV, mostly through tilt. I actually feel like I’m so close to cutting a few leaks out of my game and then really dominating. I’ll be moving into playing $0.5-1 Zoom now which I’m so excited about: $1-2 RUSH used to be my regular game on Full Tilt; I beat the game at a rate of 5.77bb/100 hands over a significant volume so obviously I’ve been waiting to be able to play this variant again. Let’s have a target in April of 4.00bb/100 hands EV over 50,000 hands and see where we can go from there. April is the start of a new quarter and a new focus!

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