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Full Tilt Poker: The Way Pots Were…

October 22 2012 ,
by Matthew J-B

So to follow my previous post I’ve just had fun wading through my database to dig out some hands to replay. It took some narrowing down actually, but aimed to show five and here they are:

Hand 1 (TdJh)
Date: 30/04/2009
Game: $5-$10NLHE, 6-Max
Pot Size: $300.00
Profit: $147

I’ve included this one as it was against Paul Wasicka, a WSOP Main Event Runner-Up and Heads-Up Champion. It’s a simple pot blind-on-blind whereby Paul Wasicka raises the flop with a gutshot, I choose not to believe, he chooses not to continue and I take it down at showdown with a pair of tens.

Hand 2 (3s3c)
Date: 20/11/2009
Game: $1-$2NLHE, HU Deep
Pot Size: $758.20
Profit: $379

This one I had to include as it was against Paul Merson, yes the former Arsenal footballer and now on the Sky Sports News football panel. It was in a heads-up room, we played for some time and chatted in the chat box which was cool. I 3-bet 33, flopped a set and never slowed down. He called me down the whole way having rivered Aces-up.

Hand 3 (QdTc)
Date: 20/11/2009
Game: $1-$2NLHE, 6-Max Deep-Ante
Pot Size: $815.40
Profit: $405

Now this is how fish used to be! Crazy pre-flop raise sizes and big stone-cold bluffs. Starting the hand with 200bb’s+ effective stacks, I call a 10.5x raise pre-flop blind-on-blind IP, flop second pair and call down a huge triple-barrel-stone-cold-jack-high-bluff for stacks on the river. That must have felt good!

Hand 4 (AcKh)
[For some reason the replayer is not good quality, sorry!]
Date: 20/11/2009
Game: $1-$2NLHE, 6-Max Deep-Ante
Pot Size: $901.80
Profit: $450

What is interesting here is that this is against the same villain in the same game a couple of orbits later. So now starting the hand with 400bb’s+ effective stacks I 3-bet another bloated pre-flop raise with AKo IP and get called. I check back the (missed) flop and pick up a draw on the turn which he then leads. I call which I believe I would’ve thought I was good there. He then overbet-bluffs the river but I now have a Kigh-high flush and snap it off. A healthy $855 profit from this villain in eight minutes! The way fish were…

Hand 5 (KsKh)
Date: 02/04/2010
Game: $1-$2NLHE, 6-Max Deep-Ante
Pot Size (Main): $606.90
Pot Size (Side): $356.80
Profit: $582

The last one I’ll show you is a relatively simple 3-way all-in considering the holdings, but against two other known regs and in a deep-ante game, so a big pot which I take down! Who am I to critisise other regs but as a side note looking at the hand again now the AKo should probably get away with a 5-bet in front of him knowing it is now for stacks, then the QQ faces a 6-bet all-in and me behind which couldn’t have felt fantastic. I’m not even sure I would’ve particularly lapped up the action but wasn’t folding and the board ran good!

So, to November 6th 2012!!! Thank you PokerStars!!!

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  1. 1debo1 permalink
    November 14, 2012

    That $855 of that fish is crackers! Be nice if you could find one of them a day! Won’t be long mate until the Americans are back mate with all there stolen oil monies!!

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