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50NL Challenge!

October 28 2013 ,
by Matthew J-B

At the start of October I set myself a small challenge designed for experimenting and learning, but also for motivation and of course to have fun! It is quite exciting to have a challenge! I shall call it the ’50NL Challenge!’ Ha.

So here it is:

  • 50K hands at $0.25-0.50 (50NL)

I guess it is as simple as that although I would like to play four game variants:

  • 6-Max
  • 6-Max Deep-Ante
  • Zoom
  • Heads-Up

This is important as the ‘learning’ part of the challenge is to see which game variant I excel the most at and thus potentially learn my ‘best game’, albeit over a small sample. So I will try to even out my playing across these four game variants and at first reach 10K hands of each and then the last 10K hands I guess spread out too, or I may wish to particularly play one of them at the end if I’m not satisfied or something.

Another dynamic to the challenge:

  • To play uber-laggy! Redline-monkey stuff! VPIP: 36-38 / PFR: 32-34 at the 6-Max games. Something like that.

Which brings me to:

  • To at least achieve both a positive blueline (showdown winnings) and redline (non-showdown winnings) at all four game variants and of course overall.

This challenge, at 50NL, is a step down for me in level/stakes so I can’t really predict winnings/winrate and also don’t want to. I want to have fun experimenting playing fast and loose, I think I should be really comfortable doing this at this level, and hopefully get myself in all sorts of laggy spots which I can learn from!

I shall report at each 10K hands interval, together with graph, and finish with a conclusion and graphs of each variant. This is really exciting!!! As stated above I have already started and have actually played about 15K hands already so my next post will include the graph/summary of the first 10K hands interval…

Good luck at the tables! #runlikekiddo

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