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$1-2NLHE, HU: $1,045.90 Pot

August 17 2011 ,
by Matthew J-B

$1-2 No-Limit Hold’em Heads-Up Cash
$1,045.90 Pot
Villain: from UK

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I bought in for $178 after seeing this opponent sitting with $725.55 thinking I want the lot. I felt very comfortable but lost the first all-in confrontation holding AQ v JJ pre-flop and didn’t improve. I re-bought for $200 and went to town so-to-speak, I ran this up to $523.20 (before this hand) and really dominated play. I felt like the big pot was coming, got dealt the As2s, raised and was 3-bet to $20. It’s an easy call sitting so deep and I flop the nuts, (J 6 5) all spades. When he C-bets I consider raising but decided on slow-playing. An interesting dynamic to this hand is that 10 mins prior I had announced that I would stop playing in 10 mins time so this was right on the money for me to finish. In that last 10 mins he had tried to pick up a lot of pots in an attempt to make some money back and I felt he would try to win this pot somehow, so slow-playing seemed the right choice as I wanted to give him every opportunity to bluff. So I call his $24 flop bet. The turn comes a 5 pairing the board and he checks so I put out a relatively small $36 bet which he calls. The river comes a blank-deuce and he checks. So now for some value… I fire $124.60 into $160 and he thinks, then ships… so it’s $318.60 for me to call and the pot stands at $727.80 giving me over 2-1. I think there is a lot in his range at this stange: a flush; A5; JJ; and plenty of bluffs which I thought he would think I can’t call, especially as I was finishing the session. The only value hand that beat me that made sense was JJ, I call… he shows JJ and I’m beat.

So… was this a cooler? Or did I get owned?

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  1. debo permalink
    August 17, 2011

    SUPER COOLER!!! thats all it can be mate. When he ships he’s repping atleast the nut flush but you have this! Its not a smaller flush because surely he would just call the river. So with that info its either the boat or a bluff and with all the dynamics you mentioned it does look more like a bluff. Its a sicko spot. Could even Johnny Chan fold here!!??

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